The Healing Mission of Plastic Surgery: One Surgeon''s Story

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He appeared to be an ordinary middle-aged man sitting in the first examination room of my plastic surgery clinic. The baseball cap was the only thing that seemed somehow out of place. I said, "Hello, Mr. Brown, I am Dr. Cronin; what can I do for you?". Without saying a word, he grabbed the bill of his cap and, with a little flair, removed it to expose the reason for his visit. "Can you help me, Dr. Cronin?" he said. My eyes open a little wider, and I stood a little taller as I tried to be nonchalant. The entire structure of his forehead was missing. In its place was an indentation large enough to steady a basketball. I wondered how someone with such a deformity and apparent loss of brain tissue could be such a normally functioning individual. Eventually, I was able to give him a new forehead through the art and science of plastic surgery. This man represents only one of many intriguing plastic surgery true stories that will unfold in The Healing Mission of Plastic Surgery. I will highlight many of the stories with images that further bring to life the human condition of actual patients in their quests for healing. This book reveals a seemly side to plastic surgery that is transforming lives every day in hospitals and clinics all over the world. I explore the interrelationship between functional, reconstructive, and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. I show the scope of plastic surgery from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, which involves patients from infants to octogenarians. This book is a memoir of the 38 years of my very diverse plastic surgery practice. All of the cases were done by me unless explicitly stated otherwise. The book touches on the origins of plastic surgery and attitudes about it. I exemplify self-image and body image issues with case studies. I elucidate the arduous requirements necessary to become a plastic surgeon.


Publisher - Revival Waves of Glory

Author(s) - Ernest D. Cronin M. D.


Published Date - June 10 2020

ISBN - 9781684118700

Dimensions - 25.4 x 17.8 x 4.3 cm

Page Count - 798

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