Gammie's Catboat


Title: Paperback
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In this book, Vanessa learns the importance of being true to herself and celebrating her unique talents. A trip down memory lane with her grandmother reveals that despite gender stereotypes, adventure await the bold. By the end of the story, Vanessa understands not to let the opinions and viewpoints of others stop her from being herself and doing what she enjoys. The story is one in a series of stories celebrating Caymanian Heritage. The stories are set in a modern-day Cayman (a contemporary setting) and revolve around the life of a Caymanian family. Each story includes a moral or lesson re-visited throughout the plot and each plot focuses on a specific aspect of Caymanian Heritage and various native traditions. Young and old will enjoy these stories as they provide a bridge between the values, traditions and lives of Caymanians of yesteryears, with those of today?s families. Dialect and references to other features of Caymanian culture are interspersed throughout the stories ensuring that there is an authentic Caymanian feel.


Publisher - Upfront Publishing

Author(s) - Timali Ebanks


Published Date - August 12 2020

ISBN - 9781784567149

Dimensions - 21 x 21 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 30

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