A Hard Day's Week Railrover Trainspotting

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This true story is of two boys in their later teens who have saved up like mad to buy seven-day Railrovers and go on their train spotting trip of a lifetime. Their Railrovers give unlimited travel for one designated week on the London Midland Region of British Rail. It is the first week of August 1965. Around 4,000 steam engines are still alive and kicking but there would be just over three years more before steam would be finally gone from British Rail. The week is planned in advance with rigorous research and military precision. the actual visit encapsulates eight days (seven by London Midland Region Railrover) of total frenetic excitement. Although the Railrover covered only the London Midland Region a necessary pilgrimage was made to Barry Docks. Rewinds and fast forwards to other trips are also made where appropriate. There are frequent scarcely credible brushes with shed masters and railway police. Visits to railway sheds are packed into every available daylight minute and early starts are ensured through planned overnight stays on railway platform waiting rooms etc. predictably a lot of the week did not go according to the planned timetable and the unforeseen consequences of this add to the overall enjoyment of the tale. Every single engine observed (on and off shed) is recorded in detail, together with the itineraries and in-depth commentaries on all the amusing incidents that took place. This work therefore provides a camera shot of one week in the declining years of steam on British Rail.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Grant Dowie


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781780350240

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 3 cm

Page Count - 650

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